Thank you so much for showing an interest in the plight of all of the DBMC members who are being so severely affected by the abrupt closure of the marina and the eviction notices that we have received as a result. 

On this blog we will endeavour to keep you up-to-date on what is going on, share some personal stories of the very normal people who had been given the very strong impression by the management over the years that the Marina Club would always welcome our boats and our families.

Please try to keep an open mind and understand that we are not an elite, wealthy group who are throwing a tantrum about not being able to keep a boat wherever we wish. We have not been naive or inactive, either, and have been asking for answers about our future for many years and in numerous ways, to no avail. In fact, we were fed mis-leading information and outright lies and told not to 'misbehave or cause a fuss' or we would risk being evicted. 

Most members are very heavily invested, many to the extent that this closure, as it stands, will lead to bankruptcy and major life changes. Some will lose jobs, children will need to leave their schools, many will have to leave the country and start anew - if that is even possible. We have members near retirement who's entire financial plans have been destroyed as their major asset is now worthless. 

All of us have already received sincere and often furious offers of help from members of the wider community and in the coming days we will be reaching out and accepting all the support you can offer. 

In the final analysis, this fight is about something much bigger than 200 boats being thrown out of a marina. It is a symbol of how little those who control a vast amount of wealth and power sometimes care for the ordinary person on the street and how easy it is to treat us as though we were pieces in a game of chess, with no regards for our safety or wellbeing.

If you have read this far, then you have our gratitude. We welcome comments but ask that you be respectful of the painful and vulnerable situation that we are in, and also that you refrain from libelling or slandering anyone in the comments. If you think that you have information that could help in our struggle for justice, then please contact us directly.

We will update this blog as and when we have more information or need help from our solidly supportive community.

Just keep swimming!