The closure of DBMC matters because it affects investors, community stakeholders, and more than 180 families who are facing eviction and financial hardship.


The marina is an important piece of infrastructure and it’s closure impacts the city’s reputation as a stable business environment.


When large infrastructure central to long-term investment is closed with only 115 days notice, an unstable and uncertain business environment is promoted for the entire city.

While a business such as HKRI may remain compliant in its activity, the company’s behaviour promotes uncertainty.


A lack of confidence in the city’s stability and the longevity of infrastructure is damaging to the entire business community. 


The closure also marks a significant financial loss for those who have invested in vessels either moored at the club or housed on the hard stand. HKRI have, for many years, marketed the marina and its live-a-board lifestyle to attract investors. These investors have been let down and face multi-million dollar losses.


Has the closure of DBMC impacted confidence in the city's stability as a regional business hub?