On 31 August 2018, Discovery Bay Marina Club announced the club would cease marina services, citing necessary major renovation work.


All debenture holders, including 200 wet berth boats and 40 dry dock boats, were given 115 days notice to remove their vessels from the marina.


Hong Kong has more than 9,700 registered pleasure vessels and a mere 5,000 moorings. There simply aren’t enough moorings or marina berths to accommodate these families.  

HKRI refuse to provide guidance or assistance to members looking for solutions to this enormous relocation challenge.


As of 1st January 2019, 200 boats will be without a safe mooring, many of those vessels will have families staying aboard.


Boat owners and community groups have been given no indication when or if they may return to DBMC once renovation work is complete.


180 families, hundreds of investors, and many community groups facing eviction by HKRI have been refused help by the company.